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Turning Interest Into Action Coore Foundation is a 501(c)3 international organization whose initial purpose was to design, implement, monitor and provide specific health and education intervention programs for at-risk youth. Coore Foundation worked diligently through its early years to provide a path to help at-risk youth realize their full potentials, and thereby help reverse societal problems such as crime, illiteracy, and the spread of STD’s.

As the Foundation grew and technology and needs changed, the foundation’s programs and projects have also. Throughout these changes, the approach to the challenges has always been a comprehensive but culturally appropriate appraisal of risk factors and conditions in our target population. The Foundation began developing community-based health and educational programs with corporate, governmental, and non-governmental organizations (e.g. Astra-Zeneca, the CDC, and the American Red Cross) to address target market needs like literacy projects, and crime and disease prevention strategies.

Today the Foundation continues as a devoted advocate of the belief that a crime-free, healthy and educated community and country is a productive community and country. The lack of crime, good health and literacy are directly related to the advancement of human capital of its poorest residents. As a result, the Foundation continues to seek community and corporate partners to help us move forward to a more sustainable, more prosperous global community.

Please join us in our quest.

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Our philosophy

Creating change agents. When young people are given a supportive, caring environment to mature in, amazing things will happen.

About the Coore Foundation.

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