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The Team



Ann-Marie Zoe Coore,


Ann-Marie Zoë Coore, a native Jamaican, has over twenty years of experience in international public health and international business. She has worked for organizations and youth programs such as CDC Parent Matters Project, Office of Minority Health, & Integrated Social Solutions/AstraZeneca.  Ann-Marie is the President and Founder of Coore Foundation, and its subsidiary Girls Right Of Way (GROW) and leads the Coore Foundation’s annual “HIV, STD, and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Camps” in the Caribbean, the USA, South & Central America, and Africa. Ann-Marie also develops, implements, and monitors intervention programs for children in twenty-three countries around the world. These programs include GROW Literacy – reading centers; GROW Sole – providing new and lightly used shoes to those in need and GROW Rhythm – music schools for children in high crime and under-resourced communities. She is Founder and CEO of “GOD-ROCKS Media”, a publishing, production, and promotion company, and “I AM A QUINTESSENTIAL WOMAN”, her company that supports women around the world to move mountains by empowering them  in an atmosphere of caring and mutual respect.  Developing their essential self, while starting, leading, and sustaining their work.

Richard L. Coore, MBA


Richard leads the Foundation’s strategic operations and planning.  He has worked on HIV, STD and Teen Pregnancy initiatives throughout the Caribbean and Africa. His focus is to actively drive policy initiatives and build strong relationships that support public-private partnerships to solve global challenges.

Richard previously served as the Principal Program Specialist at Atlanta Regional Commission, where he has reviewed multi-million dollar government grants to organizations providing community service and training across Georgia.  He was the Director of Operations for a global security firm where he has led crisis management initiatives and has worked as a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers providing expertise and business advice to Fortune 500 companies.

Richard fervently believes in harnessing the power and generosity of corporations and individuals to drive meaningful impact in the lives of the most vulnerable youth around the world.

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Raymond Terry Sr., PhD


Dr. Terry is an International Health Systems Analyst. His areas of interest are: Community and Health Systems Managerial/Policy Development initiatives, Health Systems Entrepreneurship Training and Capacity Development and Health Systems Resource Acquisition. In addition, Dr. Terry has professional and applied experiences in the area of Strategic Planning and Grant Development. He has assisted Faith-Based Organizations, Governmental Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations internationally to develop health systems plans and services delivery grants.

Dr. Terry has served as a United Nations Health Systems Planning Delegate to Africa, as well as, Delegation Leader for the National Youth Leadership Council on Medicine in Africa.

Dr. Terry is an advocate for training and developing Global Community Health Leaders to enhance the lives of others and thereby enhance their lives.

Jason Coore


Jason is a Creative Media Entrepreneur specializing in Web/ Graphic Design & Product Development. He has always been primarily focused on collaborating with women and minority-owned businesses. Throughout the years, he has had the pleasure of working with various companies focusing on Business Development and Brand Awareness in the digital space via videography, photography and website managed services. One of the many hats he has worn is Director of Photography with Transcendent Enterprise, a black owned video production company in NYC, producing content for brands such as the American Association of Advertising Agencies and Lens Crafters.

True to his entrepreneurial spirit, he is also one of the Co-founders of Take One Card Game - a Family friendly game filled with innovative strategy and never before seen consequences.

Early in his career, he was enlisted to be the Digital Design Director of Livity Co., a company that creates Human-machine interfaces, Mobility robotics and Exoskeletons to assist, rehabilitate and amplify human capability. He is a man of many talents, and is always expanding his bandwidth for new skills and opportunities.

In addition to his primary focuses, in his past, he has also taught Special Education 7th grade science in underserved communities, worked in Data Backup & Recovery, Finance and has held various NY state licenses; Real Estate and Life Accident & Health Insurance.

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